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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Thai actress Ying Julaluck Kittayarat author of the book Sexual Connotation

Here is a good example of the genre of Thai girls who like to act as if they aren't Thai anymore. I have known a few. They like to turn their backs on Thai tradition and usually do it by acting sleazy in public and really flouting Thai standards. Usually they hook up with a western guy, start wearing western fashions that are sleazy by Thai standards. For example, a short skirt is ok but low cut top and cleavage is not ok, at least not for day wear. And any kind of skimpy dress is unfit for the temple but some of these types of girls do it just to flaunt their new non-Thai attitude.

This one's name is Julaluck Kittayarat, nickname Ying. She hooked up with some scruffy looking western guy and published a book of photos with the two of them half dressed and crawling all over each other, plus commentary on sex and their sex lives. The name of the book is "Sexual Connotation", yeah right. That's flouting Thai standards, for sure. And it did not go unnoticed by members of polite Thai society. Khun Rabiaprat, former member of Thai government and continuing commentator on Thai moral standards, was harshly critical of Ying's book, and insisted that the publisher should include a wrapper that stated the book should not be sold to person's under the age of 18. So the publisher complied. And then later Ying issued a snotty statement thanking Khun Rabiaprat because sales of the book had increased since the wrapper had been added.

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